In my capacity as a software developer, I’ve contributed to numerous projects, encompassing both internal initiatives and external ventures.

  1. (Magento to WordPress Migration)It is an in-house project, originally built on Magento 1, requires migration to WordPress. Within a collaborative team setting, my primary responsibility involves researching the optimal migration approach for transferring all data from Magento to WordPress. Additionally, I oversee the planning of workflow procedures and manage the development team’s responsibilities for the site.

    We’ve accomplished a variety of tasks, including several challenging ones. Below, you’ll find how we resolved them:

    Transfer all the information from Magento to WordPress without using any third-party plugins, we cannot compromise the information with others.

    There are lots of information like pages, products, orders, users, invoices and etc. we have planned to export all the information in JSON files excluding pages and import those on WordPress site. We have developed custom plugin with the functionality to import JSON and create respective information on WordPress site. Upon receiving the product’s JSON file by Magento team, we uploaded it to the designated form for importing products. Subsequently, all products listed in the JSON file were successfully imported and the pages had designed in PHTML, we cannot import it directly so we have decided to create manually on WordPress with same slug (URL of the Landing Page) and the new design/layout.

    Run the WordPress site on the same domain, with partial migrated information.

    We need publish WordPress version ASAP, but the challenge was it had developed on Magento 1 at PHP 5.6. We have install WordPress setup in subdirectory of Magento site now is loading on Magento and is loading on WordPress site. By using proxypass in server configuration we have removed subdirectory “wordpress” and redirect to main URL. After that is loading on WordPress. Some pages is loading by Magento and new page which is created on WordPress is loading by WordPress.


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